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I began my career at Philips in the era of the typewriter and telex machine. Via several central purchasing departments at Philips, later Philips USFA and Philips Crypto I eventually arrived at the Purchasing department of the MRi Division of Philips Medical Systems in February 1992.

MRi was interesting for me because it was a relatively new field that combined a number of advanced techniques. As Senior Account Manager in various project teams I was responsible for purchasing many important, complex and costly subsystems of the MRi scanner. These subsystems were obtained from national and international companies, who also supplied our competitors.

To do my work well I followed the markets and did the necessary background research. I have always found international purchasing interesting and exciting and have visited many companies, thereby coming into contact with different business cultures and meeting many people on different continents.

Negotiations formed much of my work. I was always tenacious, but never forgot that both parties should be able to continue negotiating,
if necessary the next day.

Philips also considers it important that their suppliers obtain acceptable profit margins for their products, so that continuity is maintained.

I am pleased and satisfied with what I have achieved in my career.
I have always willingly worked hard and travelled a lot, though this has often meant less time for personal affairs, contacts and vacations. In my experience, Philips provides many opportunities if you show initiative. I always had clear goals and was prepared to change job locations and portfolios whenever my work became too much of a routine.

Retirement is difficult for me. Long before the official date I began to worry about leaving behind everything and everyone that mean so much to me.

On the 17th of December 2008 a farewell party was held for colleagues, former colleagues and invitees to celebrate my retirement from Philips. Also, the internet and the innovative medium of a “Virtual Retirement Guest Book” enabled me to say a personal farewell to all those who could not be present at the party in Best.

I don’t think I shall be bored when “my life at Philips” stops. I look forward to doing things in my own time. My wife and I intend to travel more, to maintain our garden together, and to see much of our granddaughter Lisa. Besides these personal activities, I would like to re-establish previous contacts and act as a consultant for “well-defined projects” whenever companies request my services and expertise.

Finally, I wish to thank all my colleagues, ex-colleagues, (former) business partners and contacts for their comradeship, friendship and cooperation, and I wish my present colleagues all success in completing the current projects. Despite a few unruly phases, my career has been a great experience that has passed by much too quickly.

My very best wishes to you all, and I hope we shall keep in touch in the future.

Theo Vosmeer

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