- Theo Vosmeer’s career began at Philips Central Purchasing (9EV, 7EV and LIGA), followed by employment at Philips USFA and Philips Crypto. In 1992 Theo became associated with the relatively new and important field of Magnetic Resonance imaging (MRi) at Philips Medical Systems.

This is still a very interesting field, and Theo intends to follow the MRi market for some time after his retirement. To make it easily accessible to him, Theo recently brought all his “favourite” Magnetic Resonance related URL’s together in a new link portal. In case you are interested in these addresses, please feel free to visit at:



- Theo now looks forward to retirement, and he plans to do all the things he couldn't do while attending to the demands of his job. Besides leisure, and spending more time with his wife and granddaughter Lisa, Theo also regards this important change in lifestyle as an opportunity to explore the possibilities of staying and becoming involved in business projects on a consultancy basis.

Getting back in touch with long lost contacts and friends will be one of his other important activities. This Guest Book can also be a great help to get in touch again.

Consultancy opportunities are probably more appropriately communicated through Theo’s (professional) network on LinkedIn. His internet address on LinkedIn.com is:

Thank you for getting back in touch with him.


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